9 to Dine Groups

9 to Dine Groups

Various Locations

time 6:00 pm

Every Sunday from

May 27, 2018


July 29, 2018

Sharing a meal is one of the best ways to establish and renew relationships with one another.  It helps us by putting a name to the face that you see at church.  All Countryside adults are welcome to join in Nine to Dine!  It’s simple and FUN…every month, one of your group members is in charge of planning an outing for your entire group.  Everyone is asked to choose a month in which they would like to host.  When it is your month, it is totally up to you as to how or where you wish to meet.  For instance, you may host your group at dinner in your favorite restaurant, OR if you want to go totally out of the box… plan a picnic in a park, attend a movie together, attend a church function together…….be creative, the sky is the limit!  Depending on how many people sign up, your group may also be known as Nine to Dine, Treats for Ten, Eats for Eleven or Dining with a Dozen. Create a lunch group, dinner group, home group or restaurant group!  Which speaks to you? Stop by the Information Station today and register for Nine to Dine, or contact Mary Beth marybethl@countrysideucc.org or at 402-391-0350 ext. 112.