Day One Service, 8:00 PM

Day One Service, 8:00 PM

Countryside Community Church

time 8:00 pm

Every Sunday from

May 26, 2019


December 31, 2019

Countryside’s New Weekly “Day One” Worship Has Started!
Thanks to a grant from the Countryside Community Church Charitable Foundation, “Day One” is now an official third Weekly Sunday service, Sundays at 8 PM. Integrating both ancient and modern worship modes, “Day One” is meant to START your week, not end it. Come experience the simplicity of a meditative style of worship lit by 99 candles and music played on our new Fazioli 308 piano by Alex Ritter. The service is punctuated by crystal singing bowls and a liturgy that is chanted by some of Omaha’s best voices. Come early for a class led by Dr. Elnes in Common Grounds Coffeehouse at 6:45 PM.