New Worship Series – Holy, Horrid & Hilarious Meals of the Bible

New Worship Series – Holy, Horrid & Hilarious Meals of the Bible


time 9:00 am

May 27, 2018


This summer, we’re making a church-wide appeal to form as many dinner groups as humanly possible.  Two reasons why: (1) Summer is a great time to kick back, turn on the grill (or go to a Grill), make new friends, and deepen old friendships; (2) Our next worship series is all about … “Holy, Horrid, and Hilarious Meals of the Bible”!  For nine weeks starting May 27 through July 22, our members will be experiencing the Bible’s most famous (and infamous) meals in worship, then gathering in dinner groups that either:

Dine at a restaurant.
-Create a potluck meal featuring foods related to the scriptures!  Recipes for meals based on our series, and many more biblical means, may be found here:
-Or a “Neighbor to Neighbor” group that includes members of our Tri-Faith partners.
-Groups may discuss the biblical story as part of their experience or be purely social. Get more information and sign up at the Information Station or by emailing the office at

“Holy, Horrid, and Hilarious Meals of the Bible” Schedule (form a group to dine at least 9 times):

May 27: The Last Supper (1 Corinthians 11:20-39)

June 3: Entertaining Angels (Genesis 18:1-15)

June 10: Birthright Full of Beans (Genesis 25:24-34)

June 17: By the Numbers (Numbers 11:1; 4-9; 31-32)

June 24: Elisha Saves the Day (2 Kings 4:38-44)

July 1: Lovers In the Garden (Song of Solomon 4:12-15; 5:1; 7:1-13)

July 8: Jesus Spoils the Meal (Luke 11:37-54)

July 15: Jesus, the Life of the Party (John 2:1–10)

July 22: The Last Breakfast (John 21:1–14)