Seven Letters Worship Series

Seven Letters Worship Series

Countryside Community Church

time 9:00 am

Every Sunday from

January 6, 2019


February 24, 2019

Seven Letters to Seven Churches: What Kind of Church Shall We Be(come)?
The “Seven Letters” series will be the last FULL series we hold at our present location until Lent, when we move in the middle of the next one. This fact wasn’t lost on Countryside’s Worship Team, who spent a long time considering what would be the most meaningful series to hold at such a significant time. This series was chosen because it will give us an opportunity to ask two important questions before our move: “What kind of church are we now?” and “What kind of church do we hope to become?”
By looking closely at seven letters written to seven different churches in the Book of Revelation, we’ll find that the kinds of churches that existed “way back when” are little different than churches that exist today. Which one are we most like? What can we learn from all of them? While many people shy away from the Book of Revelation, you will find that when given some historical background these letters will really come alive for you and be quite engaging.
Incidentally, if you were at Countryside ten years ago, the title of this series may sound familiar. That’s because Countryside used this same series to ask the exact same questions shortly after Dr. Elnes arrived as our new Senior Minister as we considered our future. Since that time, much has changed at Countryside and much as remained the same. Some of what changed was in direct response to what we uncovered in that series! Join us at this historical juncture in our church’s life and ask what the Holy Spirit is inviting you, and our church, to be and become in our journey together!