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Your pledge supports Countryside’s mission and vision as a partner on the Tri-Faith Commons

At Countryside Community Church, we believe that all are “loved beyond your wildest imagination” — God’s love is beyond anything that we can feel, grasp or define. Our members choose to share this love every day through volunteer work, outreach, inspiring worship, and by standing together as a strong community of grace and inclusion. Our presence on the Tri-Faith Commons is a strong message about the importance of a faith community that is caring, spiritual, respectful, inclusive and diverse. As part of the Tri-Faith initiative, we want to harness the power of our three congregations to practice respect and acceptance. We endeavor to promote friendship and dialogue, and offer opportunities to celebrate religious and cultural differences. We  share much in common, and seek to learn about and from each other.

In the coming year, we can make our message even stronger.

We have renewed momentum from our recent move to the Tri-Faith Commons! At Countryside, we pride ourselves on gifts of time, talent and treasure. We are asking you to make a pledge in support of the 2020 budget, and consider increasing your pledge for the coming year.

Want to learn more about stewardship? Visit our Thoughts on Giving section.

“The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength …Love your neighbor as yourself.” – Mark 12: 29-31 NIV

Pledge Your Support

Follow our progress as we archive our goal!

New to Pledging?

If you’ve never made a financial pledge to Countryside, but are thinking about it, now’s the time. We’ve set a goal of 50 first-time pledges—no matter how big or small. The amount isn’t the question. The question is, can Countryside achieve 50 new first-time pledges?

Want to learn more about stewardship? Visit our Thoughts on Giving section.

“Love is more than just words; it requires action.”  Dr. Charles Stanley

All New Pledges and Pledge Increases Will be Matched!

In other words, for every dollar you pledge, two will go to Countryside.

All new pledges and pledge increases will be matched up to $125,000.


Easy Ways to Share the Love at Countryside Community Church

Have A Question?

If you have any questions about your pledge or need any assistance, please contact Shari Garder in the office. or 402-391-0350. Only Countryside’s Financial Secretary and Church Administrator will know your specific pledge.


Some Thoughts on Giving


Stewardship is a lifestyle of accountability and responsibility. Stewards see themselves as the caretakers of all Gods’ gifts. It is a way of thanking God for our blessings by returning to God a portion of the many gifts that we have been given. Stewardship is the commitment of one’s self and possessions to God’s service.

Demonstrating your stewardship at Countryside

God has given us gifts of time, talents, and treasures. Stewardship is giving of your time and talents by participating in one of the many ministries or Journey groups of Countryside, and contributing financially to Countryside.

Starting your stewardship journey

There are many ways to support Countryside’s mission, and our role as the Christian presence on the Tri-Faith Commons. Identify an activity at Countryside that interests you, determine how you can contribute your time and talents, and get involved.  The many ministries of Countryside are available on the church’s website (, and in our weekly C10 email.

You can also make a financial pledge to Countryside, which is a commitment to give a specific dollar amount of your financial resources to the operating budget of Countryside. Your pledge is your indication to the church of your financial stewardship.

Why make a pledge

Your pledge of financial support for the coming year is an important spiritual exercise, which allows you to reflect on the gifts God has given you and express your thanks for those gifts by giving back to Countryside. It also models the importance of your spiritual life and your commitment to a growing relationship with God through Countryside, a true expression of your faith.

Your pledge to Countryside will help you to be systematic in your giving, so it’s not just  part of what is left over after all other commitments are met.

Pledging to have your financial contribution paid automatically ensures a consistent financial picture for the church, making it easier to meet our day to day expenses.

Your pledge is important

Each year Countryside creates an operating budget based on the total amount of income expected to be received from all pledges. The budget is the foundation for the next year’s planning and to continue to expand Countryside’s ministries as a growing and vibrant church.

Making a pledge to Countryside

Anyone who loves God and Countryside – members and non-members – are asked to make a pledge to the extent they are able. 

How to make my pledge

You may make your pledge online here or contact the church’s Financial Secretary, Shari Garder, (402-391-0350 or to have a pledge card mailed to you. Return your completed pledge card to Countryside Community Church at 13130 Faith Plaza, Omaha, NE 68144.

How much to pledge

A starting point to determine your pledge is to understand your financial resources and personal budget. Consider a percentage of your income to determine your pledge amount.

If you are pledging for the first time, consider 3 to 5% of your income. If you have pledged in the past, reflect on your current level of giving and consider increasing your pledge by 1% of your income, e.g. if you give 5% of your income today, take a step of faith and pledge 6% of your income.

Your financial pledge to Countryside should be made out of love for God and Countryside; it should come from your heart. Prayerfully consider and explore what you feel God is calling you to commit to Countryside.

And remember – your pledge increase will be matched!

Due to a matching gift from a generous donor, all increases in pledges will be matched, up to $125,000. That is, the amount you pledge over your current pledge, by November 2, will be matched – so every additional $1 you pledge will mean $2 to Countryside. Please help us take advantage of this generous donation!

Your pledge is confidential

Countryside’s Financial Secretary and Director of Administration maintain your pledges.confidentiality.

Changing your pledge

There are life circumstances that may result in an adjustment to your pledge, upward as well as down. Contact Countryside’s Financial Secretary (402-391-0350 or to adjust your pledge.

Status updates

An update of your pledged giving will be sent to you quarterly.

Every pledge is important and is an expression of your relationship to God and Countryside, regardless of individual capacity to give. And each pledge is gratefully received. Through faithful financial stewardship, you will truly receive much more than you give and grow closer to God.

“Let all that you do be done in love.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14