Exploration of the Arts

Exploration of the Arts at Kindernook

The exploration of the arts at Kindernook is a very important part of our curriculum.  We believe that when young children are involved in the arts, it engages their minds, bodies and hearts-it enhances their development in many ways.  When young children draw, paint, sing and dance they are developing vital neural and body/brain connections that will enhance their later learning in many areas including math, reading, writing and language development.

Kindernook Preschool provides music, art and drama activities as a regular part of our curriculum.  In addition to providing every day interactions and experiences with the different art forms, we have several local artists visit Kindernook to do workshops related to their field or expertise with the children.  The artists introduce the children to their art form through performances and hands on interactive experiences.  The children not only watch the artist perform their skill but the children also get to sing, dance, play musical instruments, work with puppets and drama and explore with clay, paint and collage materials.  It is a fantastic program that allows children to not only meet skilled artisans but also gives the children the opportunity to explore different mediums that they may not have come into contact with otherwise.  This hands-on exploration of the arts gives a child creative success which in turn helps a child develop self-confidence and a love of learning. 

The artists for Kindernook’s Exploration of the Arts in 2017/ 2018 included;    

Musicians David Seay and Debby Greenblatt   Folk musicians David and Debby, conduct a week-long introduction to music at Kindernook in January.  Each day these talented musicians will introduce the children to different musical instruments and their sounds.  They entertain the children with everything from a penny whistle to a guitar.  The children gain an appreciation for music, learn about instruments and most importantly, have fun!

Mary Lorraine joined Kindernook’s exploration of the arts last year by introducing the children to dance and movement.  During this introduction to the art form of dance, the children had the opportunity for a hands-on exploration into the arts.  The children were allowed to express themselves through dance and movement set to music and sound.

Anne Jackson  Artist and Kindernook teacher, explores collage art with the children.  The children learn how to use various tissue paper shapes and turn it into a picture they create on a canvas of their own.

Adam Hogan Artist and screen printer (and Kindernook parent), Adam Hogan visited in 2017. He introduced the children to the art of screen printing. He showed the children how he transfers a design onto a computer program which then turns it into a template that he uses in his business to create designs that go on t-shirts, skate boards and other products. The children used this artistic concept and chose stencils and used acrylic paint and rollers to transfer their stencil design on to a piece of fabric. It was a cool new concept introduced to us by a very talented artist and Curbside Clothing owner, Adam Hogan.

Kindernook’s exploration culminates in the spring with a very special art show put on by the children at Kindernook.  The children’s art work as well as pictures of the visitors are on display for families and friends to see.