See For Yourself

Kindernook offers a variety of ways for parents to decide if the preschool is right for their child. Spring Open House is an opportunity for a child to explore in the classroom they are considering attending. Curriculum Night, an annual function of the preschool, is a presentation of curriculum that will be taught in the upcoming year. Parents are invited to the presentation to see for themselves what Kindernook offers their child. Teachers and staff are on hand to answer questions and parents leave with additional information with regard to enrollment at Kindernook. The annual curriculum night takes place in August. We also schedule child visit days at the beginning of the school year in August just before classes begin. This is an opportunity for children who have enrolled in Kindernook’s preschool program to spend some time in their classroom with their parents before they begin attending classes September 4th.

In addition, tours of Kindernook are available by request. For more information, please contact Stacey Carnazzo at 402.391.0350.