Special Events and Visitors at Kindernook

At Kindernook we believe that children learn best through active, hands-on exploration of their environment.  We provide learning experiences that are meaningful to the children and expose them to a variety of ideas and activities that they may see in their community as well as the larger world around them.  Because of this, through out the year we schedule field trips as well as a variety of visitors so the children have real, hands on experiences with people and places from the community.  

Field Trips:

Field trip opportunities in 2017/2018 at Kindernook included;

Lauritzen Gardens The children explored the gardens this fall on a crisp fall day.  The leaves were all changing and the garden was filled with sounds of birds, crunching leaves and children laughing and talking!  The children explored the various areas, took a walk by the train and through the children’s garden and climbed to the top of the Asian Garden. It was a wonderful trip.

Gifford Farm  In the warmer spring months, a visit to Gifford Farm is always a fun experience for the children.  Gifford Farm has much to offer with their interactive field trips.  The children explore the farm while learning about the animals, people, plants, wildlife and other objects that make up a farm. The children will visit again this year in 2018 in the spring.

Each year we like to review our field trips and visitor schedule.  Therefore, each year we may incorporate different field trips based on the curriculum and events scheduled.  We love visiting local spots too such as The Bookworm, LeQuartier, The Market Basket, Rotella Bread and Henry Doorly Zoo.