VIP Visitors

Because there are so many great opportunities for community involvement in Omaha, we like to invite visitors to come to the school so the children are able to interact with many more “community helpers” than we would be able to take field trips to go see.  With this involvement, the children at Kndernook are able to interact with individuals who make up their community as well as visitors from other parts of the world.

Some of our visitors in 2017/2018 included; 

Omaha Fire Fighters: Members of station 53 Omaha Fire Department visited the children in the fall. The children learned about fire safety in their classrooms and then heard many of the same fire safety rules from the fire fighters themselves.  They were able to touch some of the fire equipment, see a fire fighter all “geared up,” hear the loud siren and some children even got to sit in the fire truck!  Not only did this make for a fun visit but the children learned some important life skills and information from these very special visitors.

Dentist    Each year we invite a local dentist, to visit the preschool in February during Dental Health month.  The dentist talks to the children about keeping their teeth clean and healthy.  The kids enjoy the special visitors and they learn lots of great information as well.

Spanish with Maestra Julia: The children learn Spanish and sign language with Maestra Julia.  The classes love singing songs, reading stories and learning basic concepts in Spanish with Maestra Julia and her silly monkey puppet Mono!  The children are also part of cooking projects that highlight Spanish/Mexican foods.  Maestra Julia spends 20 minutes with each class two times each month.  The kids enjoy their time spent with Mono and Maestra Julia-it is Muy Bueno!

Omaha Street Percussion Group:  The Omaha Street Percussion Group gave an outstanding performance during summer camp. They used recycled items to create music that was filled with energy. The kids were dancing in the aisle, clapping to the beat and grinning from ear to ear as they listened to the music! It was so fun to see the band use paint cans, large plastic bins, cans and other materials to create their unique style of music.

Irish Dancers: We were the lucky audience when we got to see members of the Irish dancing group in the early spring. The dancers flew across the stage and moved together and individually in ways that captivated the children. The tapping of their feet was truly mesmerizing and the children loved these visitors!    

Family Guests: At Kindernook Preschool we welcome family members to participate in a variety of classroom activities with their child.  Families are encouraged to take part in cooking activities, field trips, reading stories to the classroom or sharing a hobby or talent with the children.  By volunteering in the classroom children have the opportunity to get to know the parents of their peer groups in a fun and interesting way that they might otherwise not encounter.  We greatly appreciate all of the parent involvement at Kindernook!