Earth University Returns

Earth University Returns

time 7:00 pm

Every Thursday from

May 2, 2019


June 6, 2019

EARTH UNIVERSITY RETURNS!  Countryside’s F.A.T.E. (Faith and the Environment) group is pleased to offer another six-week series through Earth University beginning May 2 and running for 6 consecutive Thursday evenings, 7:00-8:30 PM.  This Spring, the six-week classes will be dedicated to the SOIL.  The schedule is as follows: 

May 2 – How Soil Got A Dirty NameThink about how soil has changed from the holy foundation of Genesis to an object manipulated for profit and the role language has played in this transformation.  Speakers for this class are Dr. Eric Elnes, Countryside Church, Imam Jamal Daoudi, AMI and Rabbi Brian Stoller, Temple Israel.

May 9Dirt! The Movie. An astonishing, humorous and substantial look at the glorious and underappreciated ground beneath our feet.

 May 16 – The Dance Beneath our Feet.  Soil genesis and the soil food web will be explained in easy to understand language.  More importantly, the exquisite interaction between soil creatures, plants, and weather as described by the speaker will leave you in awe.  Soil degradation and mitigation will also be addressed.  Our presenter will be Ashlee Dere, Ph.D., UNO Geology Department.

 May 23 – The Graveyard of Empires.  This is a warning!  Archaeologists have long documented the link between the abuse of land and the fall of ancient societies.  This historical overview will reveal how “…disruptions or dislocations may serve as a trigger of societal collapse by the state of the land loads the gun.”  David Montgomery, “Dirt:  The Erosion of Civilizations”  Presenter Neil Dominy, Nebraska State Soil Scientist.

May 30 The More Things Change. Take a broad look at our global environmental history and end up in our own backyard with the Great American Dust Bowl. Creighton University history professor Adam Sundberg Ph.D. will be our presenter. 

June 6 – going Native/Composting 101. The efficacy of planting native grasses and plats.  Get down and dirty with City Sprouts and learn how to compost your food scraps and enrich your garden.

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