Jan Phillips – Lecture and Retreat

LECTURE – Thursday, November 9, 7:00 PM
What You Have Seen Me Do…
Working Miracles in a Modern Age

We will explore what it means to be prophetic in a
divided world, how we amplify our powers to love and heal,
and why it’s important to challenge our thoughts.
RETREAT: November 10 – 11 (Friday, 7 – 9 PM and Saturday, 9 AM – 3 PM)

All Are Called, All Are Chosen: Becoming the Light We Hope to See

Like caterpillars dying to the old ways, we are readying ourselves for a quantum leap
in the evolutionary journey–the realization and expression of our deepest potential.
We will discover the connections between our spirituality, our creativity and our action in the world.
$75 for retreat (retreat ticket includes Thursday event)      $10 for Thursday only*
Tickets are are available through the church office or at eventbrite.com
(search Center for Faith Studies)
Questions? Courtney Holiday, courtneyh@countrysideucc.org or 402.391.0350 ext 119JanPhillips Retreatweb