The Foundation

foundation logo blueThe Countryside Community Church Charitable Foundation is a charitable endowment created to support and supplement the programs and facilities at Countryside Community Church.

Benefactors can designate where gifts are distributed, such as missions, programs, facilities, etc. Our Foundation cannot replace members’ annual financial stewardship, which support daily operations. However, the Foundation can help provide focused opportunities to expand or enhance our missions.

The Foundation has awarded grants to Countryside Community Church over the last several years to support projects such as the establishment of a Capital Maintenance Fund with the Board of Trustees, funding a Sanctuary Arts Team with the Board of Deacons, purchasing lighting, sound and storage equipment with the Board of Art and Music, providing tuition grants to staff for Masters and Doctorate Divinity programs and supporting the Countryside’s visioning process for relocation to the Tri-Faith Initiative Campus with the Board of Trustees and the Church Council.  Details of these activities and plans going forward are available in the annual reports.

Grant Applications

If are a Board or Committee of Countryside Community Church and you would like to apply for a grant from the Foundation, please contact the church office for procedures and applications.


The following are sample bequest forms to include Countryside Community Church Charitable Foundation in your will, trust and estate plan:

An Outright Bequest
I give to Countryside Community Church Charitable Foundation the sum of $____ to be used for its charitable purposes. (Instead of a dollar amount, you can indicate a percentage of your estate or trust or specifically describe the property to be given.)

For a Residual Bequest
I give to Countryside Community Church Charitable Foundation ____ percent of the residue of my estate (or trust estate) to be used for its charitable purposes.

For a Contingent Bequest
In the event that ____predeceases me, I give his/her bequest or share to Countryside Community Church Charitable Foundation to be used for its charitable purposes.

Gifts of IRA Accounts

You and your advisor may find additional benefits are available with regard to testamentary gifts of IRA accounts and other pension plan benefits. Special language for such a gift is required and should be discussed with your adviser.

Note: Gifts for a Specific Purpose

In some circumstances you may want to designate funds for a specific program or activity at Countryside. The Board of Trustees and the Directors of the Foundation have developed guidelines and procedures for those type of gifts and will work with you and your advisors to develop the specific language necessary to fulfill your intentions. Please contact the Church office for more details.

Countryside Community Church Foundation Board Membership
  • Andy Wilson – President
  • John Kampfe – Secretary
  • Marc Ward – Treasurer
  • Matt Atchison
  • Kristina Murphree
  • Susan Wagoner
  • Carla Patton-Oschner