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If you are a potential visitor, or a first-time visitor to our church, the best way to learn more is to experience one of our worship services and pick up a monthly newsletter. Browse our website and meet some of our people, our staff, and learn more about our beliefs, core values, and various ministries. You can also talk to any of our staff after a Sunday service - 9:00 is a classical service and 11:00 is a Jazz Service.

Countryside Community Church

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Latest Sermons

January 12, 2020

Earthy Wisdom Part 1: Parable of the Growing Seed

Please enjoy the YouTube video of today’s sermon.

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January 5, 2020

The Team and Me: The Responsibilities of Congregational Membership

Please enjoy the YouTube video of our guest speaker Rabbi Brian Stoller.

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Rev. Dr. Chris Alexander
December 29, 2019

“God Wants to be a Priority” from “Lies We Believe About God” by Wm. Paul Young

“God Wants to Be a Priority” From “Lies We Believe About God” by Wm. Paul Young   December 29, 2019 […]

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