TASTE OF TRI-FAITH at Countryside on Pentecost Sunday, June 5

Pancake Breakfast: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Worship Service: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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Pentecost Sunday is the celebration of the birth of the Christian Church.

Join Countryside for a Pancake Breakfast outside and in Marys’ Hall, followed by a special Pentecost worship service in the Sanctuary.

What to expect:

Community pancake breakfast and children’s activity, followed by a traditional worship service. The traditional worship service will include a narrator and screen explanations of how we worship including prayer, music, meditation, scripture readings, sermon and fellowship.

What to wear: 

The sanctuary will be decorated with the traditional colors of “tongues of fire:” red, yellow, and orange. All are encouraged to dress using those colors to help celebrate.



Countryside’s sermons often focus on topics central to the United Church of Christ.  These topics support doing justice, seeking peace and building vibrant faith communities that are welcome to all.  These topics will focus on two discernment questions regarding how we want to be  challenged spiritually and intellectually and the nature of our call to serve.  This is an opportunity to gather with like-minded people at Countryside Community Church to talk about issues that are important to you.

For Racial Justice discussion opportunities, click here.
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For LGBTQIA discussion opportunities, click here.
For Creation Justice opportunities, click here.
For Disability discussion opportunities, click here.

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