Countryside Conversations II: Gather. Discuss. Connect.

When: Sunday, Sept. 24, Marys’ Hall, 11:15 a.m.
Details: Facilitated, reflective and healing discussions on what we’ve learned and how we see ourselves, right now. These conversations are for all ages. Childcare will be available and lunch provided.

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Raptor Ambassadors of Fontanelle Forest

When: September 28, 6:30, p.m.

Where: Countryside Community Church Sanctuary

Details: Meet the education owl, hawk, and falcon of Fontanelle Raptor Center! Discover the captivating world of raptors at this free, open-to-the-public, all-age event featuring the Fontenelle Forest Raptor Center on Thursday, Sept. 28, at 6:30 p.m. Delve into the lives of eagles, falcons, and owls, gaining insight into their role in maintaining our ecosystem. This presentation, led by Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Center staff, goes beyond showcasing their beauty. Learn about the challenges these birds face due to human interactions, from collisions to lead poisoning. Register now to join us on September 28 to deepen your connection to these majestic creatures and learn about their importance to our environment. All ages are welcome to this enriching experience, reminding us of our duty to protect the remarkable diversity of our natural world.

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Creative Spiritual Practice: Spiritual Collage

When: October 4,  10–11:30, Countryside Community Church in the Chapel
Details:  The Board of Life Ministries is presenting two spiritual practices. The first is Spiritual Collage. We wear many masks as we adapt to living, but behind the mask lies our True Self. This simple spiritual practice of “cut & paste” to create a collage can be a way to discover the Divine Mystery of who we are. Through guided discussion we let our True Self begin to speak. It’s also fun and creative. The session will be led by Spiritual Director, Rita Otis.  Contact Rita for more information. The session is free and will meet in the Countryside Community Church in the Chapel.

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The Inside Story

When: Sunday, October 8, 11:15-12:15 in Chapel
Details: For visitors and those that are considering membership and would like to know more about Countryside Community Church-meet Pastor Keith, children welcome, lunch provided

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Creative Spiritual Practice: Creative Contemplation with Neurographic Art

When: Oct. 11, 2023, 10–11:30 @ Countryside Community Church in the Chapel
Details: The Board of Life Ministries is presenting two spiritual practices. The second is Creative Contemplation with Neurographic Art. As a spiritual practice, Neurographic Art can be “meditation in motion” quieting our minds and engaging our heart and body through our senses. There is a slowing and softening in this creative meditation practice. We become more present to ourselves making space for inner listening and deeper awareness of the Divine. NO art or creative experience is necessary. The session will be led by Spiritual Director, Terri Storer. Contact Terri for more information at Session is free and will meet in the Countryside Community Church in the Chapel.

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Membership Meeting

When: Sunday, October 22, 11:15-12:15 in Chapel
Details: For those that have made a decision to become a member of Countryside Community Church.  Child care provided, lunch provided.

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Bible Study – Love: Conspiracy of the Divine Environment 

When: Wednesdays starting September 6, Chapel, 6-7:30 p.m.
Details: Bible Study facilitated by Rev. Dr. Don Sarton and Dr. John Windle. This 8-week series focuses upon a contemporary, scientific viewpoint of God.

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