Center For Faith Studies

The Center for Faith Studies’ mission is to foster a culture of faithful inquisitiveness into the nature of God, the created world, and our individual and collective roles in it. The Center draws upon a variety of disciplines, including comparative religion, theology, the humanities, and the sciences, in its offerings of classes, small group discussions, and large-group presentations.

2019/20 Lecture Series

  • Mindfulness Sits with Carlos Figureoa
    Second Wednesdays September- April
  • Wm. Paul Young, Author: September 24, 2019 7 PM
    " How do we do faith if God is not religious?"
  • Margaret Wheatley, Author: Novemeber 16, 2019
    Workshop: " Warriors of the Human Spirit"
  • Dr. Deborah Lewer April 7, 2020
    Connecting Art and Theology in the Abrahamic Faiths

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