The Box, The Basket and The Journey

The Box, The Basket and The Journey are three ways that Countryside shares our gifts with one another and with our community.

The Box is a way to share our material possessions with one another and is located between the double doors at the main church entrance. Each month the box contains something different: from backpacks full of school supplies to bus passes to jars of peanut butter, to paper products, but it is always brimming with the gift of love that we share with people and organizations in need.

The Box for January In January the Box is hoping to receive warm blankets for children.
he Blixt Locally Grown Company of Lincoln will be giving out blankets to school children for their beds to help them stay warm throughout winter’s coldest months.  They have been gathering them in November and December and will continue through January, February and March.  We hope to be able to contribute a nice supply for them.  They will take a twin size but would prefer a double size as it will work either as warmth under them and over them or they can share with a sibling.  The BOX will remain in the entryway for your convenience or; if you order from Amazon, it will be delivered right to the church office.  Thank you for your generosity.  You have helped so many this year as families battle the pandemic, not only the illness itself, but also being out of work, losing homes, children not benefiting from being in school, food insecurity, etc. When we help others we are following the direction of God (Matthew 25: 35-36. Thank you for helping in any way you are able.  To use Amazon click here.

The Basket is Countryside’s way of sharing financial offerings with our community for the support of our ongoing program ministries.  The baskets are located at the back of the Sanctuary. During COVID-19 if you would like to donate you can donate online through

The Journey is the way we share our time and talent with one another and is printed in the Order of Worship.