As Omaha’s first preschool program, Kindernook Preschool has been the leader in early childhood education since 1953. Come see for yourself why the tradition continues.  Download a brochure or browse our site.
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• Accredited by the NAEYC.
• Innovative curriculum that enhances all areas of a child’s development.
• Curriculum enhancement activities that feature visiting artists, musicians, Spanish and    other special guests.
• Experienced and creative teachers.
• Small class sizes with low child/teacher ratios to offer a warm and welcoming environment.
• Bright and clean classroom facilities.
• Outdoor play area and indoor gym.

Kindernook Preschool:  A Tradition of Excellence

Established in 1953, Kindernook Preschool was one of the first preschools in Omaha.   Developed with respect to the University of Nebraska College of Education’s Standards for Preschools, Kindernook was founded by Peggy Bedford and Dr. Francis Hurst.  The preschool was originally founded as an outreach ministry program at Countryside Community Church.

As one of the first preschools in Omaha, Kindernook’s founders enjoyed the liberty to create a unique school system and curriculum. From the beginning, Kindernook has operated under the philosophy that children will acquire knowledge and skills by actively interacting with the environment in ways that are meaningful to them.  A division of Countryside Community Church, a United Church of Christ (UCC) religious institution, Kindernook is a non-denominational preschool.

Through the years, Kindernook has become a tradition among many Omaha families.  Many current Kindernook students are the third generation in their families to attend.

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    NAEYC Accredidation
    To reach one of the key goals, to become a leader in early childhood education, Kindernook sought accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in 2001

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    Kindernook encourages parents to take an active role in their children’s education.

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    Explore, Experiment, Play
    The mission of Kindernook Preschool is to work with the community in demonstrating the best practices in early childhood education.

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    Kindernook teachers and staff work to achieve this mission: To be a leader in early childhood education while teaching students to explore, experiment and play.

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    VIP Visitors
    We like to invite visitors to come to the school so the children are able to interact with many more “community helpers” than we would be able to take field trips to go see.

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    Special Events and Visitors at Kindernook
    At Kindernook, throughout the year we schedule field trips as well as a variety of visitors so the children have real, hands on experiences with people and places from the community.

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    Exploration of the Arts
    We believe that when young children are involved in the arts, it engages their minds, bodies and hearts-it enhances their development in many ways.

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    See For Yourself
    Kindernook offers a variety of ways for parents to decide if the preschool is right for their child.

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Kindernook Classes

2 year olds:
1 day/week – M

3 year olds:
2 days/week – T / TH
3 days/week – M / W / F

4 & 5 year olds:
3 days/week – T / W / TH
3 afternoons/week – T / W / TH
4 days/week – M-Th or T-F
5 days/week – M-F