Boards and Committees

Countryside’s Boards and Committees

Countryside is blessed with a congregation filled with talent and business experience. Our officers and board members are nominated and elected by our members and represent the church body in the various aspects of managing church finances and affairs. The following is a listing of our current lay leadership.

2023 Church Officers    
Moderator Trisha Hoffman-Ahrens E-mail Moderators
Vice Moderator Dan Kuyper E-mail Moderators
Vice Moderator Elect Mary Meints E-mail Moderators
Clerk David Ried
Treasurer Ed Schwartz
2023 Church Council  
Trisha Hoffman-Ahrens Moderator
Dan Kuyper Vice Moderator
Mary Meints Vice Moderator Elect
David Ried Clerk
Ed Schwartz Treasurer
Becky Knightly Board of Arts Ministry
Carol Goldstrum/Kathy Deboer Board of Christian Education
Lori Shrum/Linda Bannister Board of Christian Outreach
Daron Kruse Board of Deacons
Autumn Cox Board of Life Ministries
Deb Hickman Board of Pastoral Care
Joyce Davis Board of Trustees
Karen Fitzgerald/David Palmer Board of Youth
Rick MacInnes At-large Member
Deb McCollister At-large Member