Boards and Committees

Countryside’s Boards and Committees

Click here for a nomination form: here. Countryside is blessed with a congregation filled with talent and business experience. Our officers and board members are nominated and elected by our members and represent the church body in the various aspects of managing church finances and affairs. The following is a listing of our current lay leadership.

2020 Church Officers    
Moderator Russ Schertz E-mail Moderators
Vice Moderator Tracey Halvorson E-mail Moderators
Vice Moderator Elect Aubrey Fitzke E-mail Moderators
Clerk Bonnie Buckland
Treasurer Phil Johnson
Historian -open-
2020 Church Council  
Russ Schertz Moderator
Tracey Halvorson Vice Moderator
Aubrey Fitzke Vice Moderator Elect
Bonnie Buckland Clerk
Phil Johnson Treasurer
OPEN Board of Arts Ministry
Ashley Rainbolt/Cindy Cronn Board of Christian Education
Kris Hess Board of Christian Outreach
Nancy Cohen/Amy Kampfe Board of Deacons
Jody Sanders Board of Life Ministries
Allison Evans Board of Pastoral Care
Diane Poots Board of Trustees
Stacy Ashley Murphy Board of Youth
Bruce Blanchard At-large Member
Mike Bonner At-large Member
Boards and Committee Members    
2020 2021 2022
Board of Arts Ministry (BAM)
This board provides sincere, artful and spiritual experiences for the congregation. Meets the evening of the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Contact board chair – TBD
Barb Farho Shannon Avard John/Kathy Johnson
Ann Huxtable-Scates David Day Michael Free
Jeri Lundblad Diane Hills Marcia Free
  Trish Newell Tom/Hannah Reilly
  Ryan Underwood  
Board of Christian Education (BOCE)
This board brings strength and stability to Countryside’s educational efforts by advising staff and providing both adults and children with educational programs. Meets the evening of the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Contact board co-chairs  Ashley RainboltCindy Cronn
Jennifer Beer Cindy Cronn (Co-chair) Nancy Victora
Traci Copple Mindy Devall-Wood Dave/Shelley Boyd
Marian Kaiser Sarah Schulz Carol Goldstrom
Ashley Rainbolt (Co-chair) Megan Thom Bobbie Escolas
    Teri Dagostino
Board of Christian Outreach (BOCO)    
This board nurtures outreach projects, coordinates efforts within the church to develop mission themes, and selects organizations to receive special offering grants.  Meets the evening of the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Contact board co-chairs Kris Hess
Peggy Dunn France Blanchard Kris Hess (Chair)
Becky Knightly Emma Boyd Heidi Neumann
Sharon Royers Nancy Davis Linda Bannister
  Connie Fitzke Greg Olsen
Board of Deacons (BOD)    
This board is responsible for any church tasks that are related to worship and fellowship as well as communicating with new members and visitors.  Meets the evening of the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Contact board chair Nancy CohenAmy Kampfe
Earl Cohen Cheryl Clark Marcia Blum
Nancy Cohen (Co-chair) Dale Jones Bonnie Downer
Pat Holt Amy/John Kampfe (Co-chair) Ferde Goings
Andrew Mattson Linda Ashley Leamer Mimi Goings
Ryan Palmer Susie Owens Keith Karstens
Stephanie Sacco Kim Schwartz Reva Karstens
De Schmierer Christian Thom Dede Marshall
Lori Shrum   Renee Siems
Tom/Jenn Vinton    
Board of Life Ministry (BOLM)    
This board oversees all social activities, volunteer coordination and family-based educational classes held at Countryside. Meets the evening of the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Contact board co-chair Jody Sanders
Margie Bolte Sarah Bend Sherryl Lilley
Deb Hickman Amy Blanchard Rich/Gloria Mannel
Cathy MacInnes Cathy Blomquist Jody Sanders (Chair)
Diane Scott Jeanne Cunningham Mary Watke
  Rick Royers  
Board of Pastoral Care (BOPC)    
This board promotes staff and lay ministry efforts to support, contact and comfort church and community members, focusing on people facing difficult times in their lives.  Meets quarterly in the evening of the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Contact board chair Allison Evans
Allison Evans (Chair) Carrie Clark Vicki Bryant
Carlos Figueroa Jane Frey Joni Hensley
Gayle Noble Knolan Hudson Rita Troudt
  Barry Larson Connie Johnk
  Sarah May  
Board of Trustees (BOT)    
This board oversees the financial and property concerns for Countryside, including stewardship, budgeting process and regular review of the financial position of the church. Meets the evening of the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Contact board chair Diane Poots
Bill Bolte Mike Brown Trish Hoffman-Ahrens
Brad Carne Bob Davis Tim Kerrigan
Mark Draper Joyce Davis Dave Lundblad
Pam Marshall Pat Rainbolt Ed Schwartz
Derek Miller    
Diane Poots (Chair)    
Board of Youth (BOY)    
This board brings strength and stability to COYO through development, planning and management for our youth programs.  Meets the evening of the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Contact board chair Stacy Ashley Murphy
Mallis Bonner – Youth Stacy Ashley Murphy (Chair) Morgan Chapman
Kim Buscher Emily Ethington Derek/Amy Kuhr
Amy Eurich Maureen Hornacek Christy Palmer
Lauren Eurich – Youth Jodi Klein  
Jackson Farho – Youth    
Jim Farho    
Mindy Foral    
Sarah O’Leary    
Kathleen Samland    
At-Large Church Council Reps    
Bruce Blanchard Mike Bonner  
Nominating Committee    
Bruce Blanchard Molly Anderson Amy Kampfe
Cindy Cronn Mary Dircks Jodie Nichols
Trish Newell Dinah Gomez Marc Ward
Dana Parmentier    
2020 Conference Delegates    
Jody Sanders    
Bruce Blanchard    
France Blanchard    
Foundation Board    
The Foundation is an independent organization created by the Church to support and supplement the programs and facilities at Countryside. This board is composed of 7 church members.  The Foundation Board meets quarterly.  Contact Foundation President Geoff Kregg
Geoff Kregg (President) Julia Hernandez Matt Atchison
Paul Nelson Mike Murphy Kristina Murphree
  Joe Sacco