Faith And The Environment (FATE)

Faith and the Environment (FATE) at CountrysideFATE3

– Education
– Recycling
– Terracycle
– Advocacy: State and National
– Organic, vegetarian cooking
– Composting and gardening
– Climate Change Lobby
– Divestment in fossil fuels

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Earth University GARDENS! with Benjamin Vogt of Monarch Gardens in Lincoln

A New Garden Ethic
Thursday, February 17 
7:00 o 8:00 pm on Zoom – Zoom Link on Countryside Calendar
Why gardening with native plants is an ethical  imperative in a world of climate change and extinction. This deep dive explores ecology, science, psychology, and philosophy as we ponder how to embrace gardens as places to create empowering social and cultural change. Read a short essay on the topic.

Prairie Up! Starting Your New Prairie Garden
Thursday, March 3
7:00 o 8:00 pm on Zoom – Zoom Link on Countryside Calendar
For new gardeners and those refreshing older beds, all audiences will learn the A to Z on researching, procuring, and designing with native plants. We’ll cover regional resources, how to use plant communities for ecological resilience, strategies for less maintenance, and then create a sample plan that you can tweak.

You can access the Zoom connection on the Countryside Calendar


The Faith and the Environment committee is offering this bingo challenge to hone your environmental stewardship skills. Prizes will be awarded to all participants and special awards will be give to those who earn one bingo. The first five players to fill the entire bingo card will be awarded an extra special prize. Winners will be announced in the September newsletter. This is the one game where everyone and the environment wins. Don’t miss out on the fun!





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