Communication & Kindernook

Kindernook encourages parents to take an active role in their children’s education. Newsletters are sent home highlighting the month’s activities and regular reports are made for parents with regard to the progress of their child. Parent teacher conferences are held in October and March, with additional meeting times available upon request.

Kindernook teachers are always available to speak with parents. Individual meetings can be scheduled at any point during the year. The student’s early learning experience is of primary importance to Kindernook teachers and they will make every effort to keep you informed.

The mission of Kindernook Preschool is to work with the community in demonstrating the best practices in early childhood education. Our mission as educators is to help children develop a love for learning through active, hands-on learning opportunities. We do this so children have a positive early education experience in which they are able to foster a positive self-image, develop early learning skills, be aware of their part in the community and have experience in all areas of development (cognitive, physical, social and emotional). These skills are taught by encouraging children to explore, experiment and play.

Kindernook Preschool offers innovative curriculum and creative programming. To enhance the curriculum, Kindernook invites visiting artists, musicians and other special guests into the classroom to interact with the children. Children are encouraged to ask questions and explore new ideas with the visitors.

Other activities our curriculum includes are science and nature units, language arts, creative artwork, cooking, music, stories, numbers and concepts, beginning writing through Handwriting Without Tears, Spanish and sign language, field trips, seasonal programs and class parties. Children are taught to experiment with new ideas and concepts that are presented through the curriculum.