Building Design & Sustainability

NET Restoration Prairie Lands

Nebraska Environmental Trust

In April 2018 Countryside Community Church received a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) for the “Bridging Faith and the Environment – church campus as a restored, biodiverse plans ecosystem” project. The mission of NET is to conserve, enhance and restore the natural environments of Nebraska and the public space at our new Tri-Faith location is a natural fit to help carry out that mission.

Our landscaping master plan was designed to unify the 35-acre, three-faith site as well as educate and inform our members and the public about landscape stewardship through our visual messaging, inviting walking paths, and the restored plans ecosystem elements. The plan includes:

  • Water conservation
  • Storm water management
  • Native plants
  • Improved habitat and soil health

To read the full press release: Countryside NET Announcement | PDF

Visit Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) webpage for more information about NET.

Architectural Renderings

Click here to view the architectural renderings of our new building.