Bobby Jo Valentine



Sunday, February 18Bobby Jo Valentine_slider-01
6:30 PM in the Common Grounds Coffeehouse
Countryside Community Church
8787 Pacific Street

$10 Suggested Donation
$5 Childcare available in the nursery
Childcare provided for children 8 years and under

Countryside Community Church in coordination with the Board of Arts and Music are proud to present singer/songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine. Hope-folk. Soul-pop. Poetic rock. Bobby Jo Valentine’s award-winning music exists outside the lines of any genre, and the music’s thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies reach listeners on all paths of life.
Born into a Baptist church of strict lines and sharp edges, and coming out of that culture to discover who he really is, Bobby is now a believer of a different sort: a believer in the wild, strange, beautiful nature of the world. Faith has come to mean something much deeper, wider, and less cut-and-dried than when he started. Now, Bobby finds that he often has more to learn from the people who don’t believe as he does than from those who do.