Countryside Community Church Participating in Omaha Gives Raising Money for Countryside Youth

This month, Countryside Community Church is participating in Omaha Gives to raise money for Countryside Youth. While the official event is Wednesday, May 20, you can start giving TODAY! Visit the link below to make a donation – and please spread the word to help Countryside Youth! 

Investing in Countryside’s Youth and their personal relationship with God nurtures our congregation and allows the church to flourish. Right now, more than ever, it is important to keep the rhythms of our youth community, going even through this disruption. We want to help our students to maintain consistency so that when we’re able to gather again, they won’t miss a beat. Our youth leaders continue to host weekly Zoom meetings for our 5-6th graders, Jr. High and Sr. High and Faith Singers.

Plans move ahead for the summer of 2021 for a Sr. High mission trip and a Faith Singers Tour as well as a trip for our Jr. High group. These are powerful opportunities for our kids to serve God and learn about what it means to get involved in the community These trips benefit our youth in ways that will continue to guide and shape their lives years later. “The Faith Singers Tour really was so eye opening for me,” said Christian Vihstadt. He was a freshman in high school last year when the Faith Singers set off for a tour of the upper Midwest. “Stopping in Flint, Michigan and working in their community gardens was my favorite part of the trip. I learned hope and what makes people happy can be different than what I thought it was for everyone.”

This year during Omaha Gives, Countryside Community Church will use the funds raised for our youth programs. Having taken such a large hit, not being able to host the Annual Garage Sale, we are hoping to help recoup some of the money our youth programs use throughout the year to ease the financial burden on the families that participate. Investing in our Youth at Countryside has always been an important ministry of our church and now, more than ever, our youngest members need to feel connected to the church.