Courage and Resilience: Seven Biblical Stories

Living in uncertain times can call forth the worst or the best in us.  Fear can lead us to either cower and withdraw or lash out against perceived enemies.  Faith – at least certain kinds of faith – can lead us to act with courage and resilience.  In this series, we’ll focus on seven biblical stories that illustrate key principles of resilience and courage that may help us respond to today’s chaos with our best selves, not our worst.

April 8: Resilience Principle: Humility

April 15: Resilience Principle: Gratitude

 April 22: Resilience Principle: Mindfulness/Temperance

 April 29 (Confirmation Sunday): Resilience Principle: Faith

 May 6: Resilience Principle: Generosity

 May 13 (Mother’s Day and Baccalaureate Sunday):Resilience Principle: Hope

 May 20 (Pentecost Sunday and Stephen Ministry Commissioning): Resilience Principle: Love