Weekly Converging Paths Podcasts

Now weekly Converging Paths Podcasts by Darkwood Brew

Eric Elnes has began posting weekly podcasts about the pandemic on Converging Paths Podcast by Darkwood Brew.  In this podcast you will hear from Eric as someone with the virus, others who have been quarantined or other aspects of life; people who have lost jobs and what to do then, spiritual directors and so forth.   This podcast will be a really rich mixture of wisdom and insight.  There have been only three global pandemics, this is the third one.  None of us know exactly what we’re doing.  We’re all walking through this together.  Eric hopes you will join us in that walk every day at the converging paths podcast.  You can reach this podcast from the Darkwood Brew website or from any other podcast platform, just type in “Converging Paths Podcast.

First Two Podcasts

The Converging Pandemic 1 – Eric Elnes

The Converging Pandemic 2 – Imam Jamal