Holy Week

Holy Week and Easter Descriptions

Good Friday, April 10: Online Worship and Prayer Vigil, 7 PM – Midnight

The evening will start with music and a brief reflection by Dr. Elnes on Christ’s crucifixion and the special meaning it takes on in our day. Afterwards, the focus will be on the Christ Candle in the sanctuary until midnight. You are invited to post prayers, and prayer requests on the Livestream chat.

Easter Sunrise, April 12, 6:48 AM Home Worship

Since we cannot gather as a group outside, you and your household are encouraged to find a quiet place in your backyard or other outdoor location to pray, and read Luke’s version of the Easter account in Luke 24. Alternatively, use the SALT Project Devotional Guide, which focuses on Matthew 28:1-10.

Easter Worship: Online Worship with Communion, 10 AM

Easter Sunday is typically a time when churches like ours pull out all the stops (literally, organ stops!), with massive choir pieces and brass bands. During this pandemic, we’re simplifying – thereby drawing a little closer to the original Easter, where just a few people experienced something extraordinary. Don’t lower your expectations!  Just prepare to experience Easter a little more “up close and personal.”  Jesus is leaving the Tomb and entering your living room!


Holy Week Tenebrae: A Home-Based Devotional

To meet the needs for home-based worship this year, Countryside is not only producing unique streaming worship opportunities, but is providing a high-quality, downloadable devotional guide produced by the SALT Project – a Mainline Christian resource producer that has the unique distinction of winning three Emmy Awards.  Just download the guide, or view it through their provided e-reader.  Use the guide to create simple, but meaningful worship in your own home, suitable for all ages.

Printable E-Reader Here
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Palm Sunday, April 5: Online Worship with Communion, 10 AM

Why not spread some fresh flowers around or lay jackets on the floor as a nod to the palms and cloaks laid before Jesus as he rode down the Mt. of Olives on Palm Sunday?  And don’t forget the Communion elements!

Maundy Thursday, April 9: Online Worship with Communion, 7 PM

Dr. Elnes’s message will focus on the powerful insights one gains into the nature of Communion when one is aware of its connection to the Last Supper, which was a Passover Seder. We are hoping that  Rabbi Aryeh Azriel can join us for this exploration.  His participation will be confirmed later.