Meditation Jar

Make Your Own Mind Jar (002) (click here to download directions)

Meditation Jar Here is an fun project to do with your young friends that not only helps them develop mindfulness practices but can also be used to de-escalate strong and impulsive emotions (like…maybe during a sibling spat?) by inviting the person to shake up the jar and then focus on the falling specks until every bit is still.  This exercise creates a pause between experiences and reactions—which as we know is extremely helpful in a number of different scenarios.  The meditation jar is a practice that build up our comfort level with that pause so that we can access that skill when we need it.  The recipe comes from a book called Moody Cow Meditates by Kerry MacLean.  If you’d like to put a meditation jar together but can’t find some of the supplies, we have some at church!  Just let me know and we’ll get you set up. (