Music & Art Notes: Sunday, June 2, 2024

Music Notes

Women are not commonly the protagonists in scripture, but they are at the most pivotal moments – from today’s scripture to the discovery of the empty tomb. Like other songs written by women in scripture, the Magnificat is a radical text. It echoes songs by Hannah and Miriam and is a prophetic, revolutionary expression of joy, justice, and concern for the oppressed: the proud are scattered, the lowly are lifted, the powerful are overthrown, the hungry are filled, the rich are sent away empty.

Rory Cooney paraphrased the text in the hymn Canticle of the Turning, and set the music to an Irish tune, “Star of the County Down.” He explains, “I decided that I wanted to use music that suggested the revolutionary spirit of the canticle, that cosmic tables are being turned over, as it were. And who has better songs of uprising than the Irish?”

Art Notes

AI Prompt: An image that conveys the message of ‘Touching Hearts and Opening Minds: Fostering Inclusivity and Resilience in Pride Awareness’. Visualize people of different ethnic descent, including Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, Middle-Eastern, South Asian, and East Asian, of different genders, all forming a giant heart. Within the heart, symbols of resilience such as an oak tree or a phoenix can be seen. Floating above them are thought bubbles filled with symbols of inclusivity like an open hand, and elements representing Pride Awareness such as a rainbow flag.