Recharge Impact Speaker Ian Vickers, Nov. 16

Recharge Impact Speaker Ian Vickers

Join us Wednesday, Nov. 16 for Ian Vickers presentation, Developing Sustainable Solutions for Africa. Vickers is co-founder, president & chief executive director of Global Partners in Hope (GPiH), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.


(Santiago’s Mexican Food Truck will be available for dinner from 5-6:30! Click on the menu to the left!)



Over the past 15 years, GPiH has focused efforts on providing clean water, and maternal and pediatric care for regions of rural West Africa. The organization’s vision is that women and children will not die – they’ll thrive. It’s seen significant results creating a model that is now being replicated throughout West Africa.

Ian Vickers is known for his ability to provide positive solutions for community development. His official international experience started in Paris, France in 1991, where he led an American and French staff in an executive role, and developed new non-profit work throughout France and eventually Europe.

Ian’s experience on multiple continents has allowed him to develop sustainable solutions for communities reaching multiple populations throughout Africa. Using a background in strategic non-profit leadership and project management, he brings a diverse group of leaders together to provide systemic change to communities with an emphasis on clean water, health care, and renewable energy. He’s also served as an International Studies professor at Crown College and Creighton University.