Summer Concert Series: Friday August 7, 7 PM: Edem Soul Music

Stages across the world remain dark, but we are turning the lights on here at Countryside for you! While in-person performing arts may not be back for a few more months, we hope that we can fill a valuable gap for Countrysiders as well as the broader community with these offerings. It is a chance for us to support local musicians. These concerts will cover a wide range of genres – from jazz and classical to Broadway, folk music, and ethnic music.

In August, we will again be bringing the Broadway stage to your doorstep, and will explore a wide variety of music: from the Andes to Africa, with a side of soul! Concert links can be found on the Countryside calendar at

Friday August 7, 7 PM: Edem Soul Music – Edem K. Garro is a GhanaianAmerican composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist. As a skilled hand percussionist and vocalist, Edem’s West African-American heritage remains the core foundation of her music. Edem Soul Music is the 2018 Capitol District Musician in Residence as well as the 2018 Omaha Entertainment Arts Award winner for Best Soul. Whether she is playing the ukulele, electronic compositions or the harp with her flautist, Edem’s work primarily focuses on cultural preservation and identity. She uses her native Ga language in much of her work. Although Edem was born as a first-generation American, she utilizes the culture that was taught to her in hope that young people will remember where they came from – to know who they are, and where they are going.