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Senior Minister profiles being accepted – December 2022

Countryside Community Church (CCC) is seeking a full-time senior minister to be in covenant with our congregation. Countryside is committed to a progressive path, a path that honors the centrality of love, compassion, and justice as we follow Jesus. We seek to approach scripture with intellectual rigor and accept the role of Mystery in spiritual practice. God is still speaking! We’re looking for a visionary to bring direction and leadership to our dynamic church. We want to be inspired and challenged to serve as a vital leader of faith in the Omaha community. We expect the senior minister to preach, teach, pastor, guide, reach out and direct. We want our senior minister to be a presence and a pastor, a partner and a leader, a mentor and an inspiration. To learn more download the profile or view the UCC posting.

Countryside Community Church Profile

UCC Posting of the Countryside’s Ministerial Profile

Church Contact for any questions about Countryside Community Church:

Cathy MacInnes, Correspondence Chair
(402) 578-7373

Rev. Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister – Search and Call Specialist
Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences of the United Church of Christ
(563) 357-7287

*All formal applications for this position must go through the UCC Ministerial Profile submission process. Please contact the UCC Conference staff member listed above to apply. Screening of candidates will begin in January and the search will remain open until the position is filled.

December Pastoral Search Committee Update

The Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) is wrapping up the initial phase of our search for a settled minister by finalizing our Church Profile. Our goal is to post it by year’s end. Designated staff, congregational leadership and our UCC conference minister are reviewing the profile in order to provide feedback for the Committee’s final review and posting. A special thank you to Dan Loven-Crum for his help in navigating through the information/data needed and the historical perspective he was able to provide. Also, thanks to Christine Kasel who pulled the PSC-authored profile into an aesthetically pleasing format. We’ll continue to provide updates at the first church service of each month. Feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns.

November Pastoral Search Committee Update

The Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) was very busy in October. The entire committee and various subgroups met to review, refine and move toward final approval of the Profile, which will provide candidates with a picture of who we are, tell our story, and let them know how we’ll move forward as we grow our church and congregation. The PSC met with Pastor Keith to discuss our progress and how best to work together, as partners, as we finalize the Profile. His background and expertise are invaluable to our process and we look forward to working with him. We are developing creative ways to share our church story in the Profile, using valuable feedback from the congregation. The Profile should present Countryside through narrative and data, but also through photos that highlight members and the many activities sponsored and attended by our Congregation. Finalizing the Profile is a detailed process, we’ll continue refining it until it’s ready to publish and post. Look for updates in the C-10 and a monthly update at the Sunday service on the first of each month. Please reach out to the PSC at


Thank you for responding to the congregational survey regarding the desired qualities for a settled pastor at Countryside Community Church! The survey results have been compiled from both paper and electronic versions. You can access the survey results, by questioning HERE.

Survey Quantitative Results | PDF


  1. Question 1 Themes | PDF
  2. Question 2 Themes | PDF


Now that the discernment groups have met, there are three different versions of the notes that have been put together:

  1. Aggregate Notes– a formatted version of all the notes taken from each group.
  2. Summarized Notes- a summary of the aggregate notes.
  3. Qualitative Analysis by Danielle Galvin of the notes.

For questions and comments, please reach out to the Pastoral Search Committee, at