Faith and the Environment to Start All Church Book Read

This is your special invitation to join the Faith and the Environment Committee’s all church book read of “Cathedral on Fire”, a handbook for congregations on climate justice. In this book, author Brooks Berndt, UCC Minister of Environment Justice, calls us to commit ourselves to climate justice and take action in the way only faith communities can. The book is part of the church’s Lenten focus on climate justice. Chapters explore such topics as the scriptural basis for pursuing justice for the planet and all it’s inhabitants, the rich tradition of theology in times of crisis and a counter-cultural ethic of generational justice found in the Bible. In order to get the most out of this book, join a small book discussion group by simply going to the Countryside web page and selecting a time and day that fits your schedule. Book groups will be announced in February. Books will be ordered by the church and we are asking for a $5 free will offering for the book. When they arrive, books can be picked up at the church or arrangements can be made if you can’t make it to church.

If you would like to preview the book click here.