May Worship

May 9 (Mother’s Day) Pastor Anna, Mama Love
Pastor Anna (as she prefers to be called) will give her first Sermon to Countryside on Mother’s Day, with a sermon appropriately titled Mama Love. She is passionate about social justice, climate justice, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, intercultural work, and interfaith collaboration.

May 16, Pastor Tracey, God is Doing a New Thing
Pastor Tracey (as she prefers to be called) will be giving her first sermon, God is Doing a New Thing on May 16 and she wants Countryside to make sure that people feel heard and know that they have a place in our church family.

May 23, Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Anna and Pastor Tracey, Service of Installation
In our faith tradition, we don’t refer to positions that ministers fill as jobs, but as calls. Those who engage in ministry talk about receiving a call. There is something deeply and profoundly sacred about this. We do believe that the Holy Spirit is an engaged partner in the unfolding life, health, and vitality of the Church. She remains ever invested in decisions we make. The service of Installation is more than just saying to someone “This is your new job – do it well.” It is a way of affirming the movement of a Holy Spirit who participated with us in the process, and who called THIS leader to THIS place for THIS time.